Imagens inéditas da última performance de Gil Scott-Heron em outubro de 2009

Theo Jemison revelou imagens inéditas do mestre Gil Scott-Heron direto da última apresentação do cantor/poeta em Los Angeles, em outubro de 2009, poucos meses antes de sua morte. Pérolas como “Winter In America,” “We Almost Lost Detroit”, “The Other Side”, entre outras, são interpretadas no melhor clima intimista. Após o audiovisual, uma breve descrição de Jeremy Sole – anfitrião da noite que também fazia as honras de DJ.

“Gil was never a brother to take the power of words lightly, and this monumental night was a shining example of his affective and explosive concoction of humor, intellect, wit and humility. It was one of my highest honors as a DJ to open up for him that night. We all knew we were being treated to an especially intimate show, a candid experience that turned the El Rey theatre into family time around his kitchen table. Perhaps it was the fact that his daughter Gia was in the crowd. The night was a future memory in the making. Little did we know that that would be the last time Los Angeles would have the honor of hearing, learning from, and laughing along with Gil. He passed shortly after this concert, but if bodies are temporary, words are eternal – and as a man of words Gil Scott-Heron is now a man of eternity. Rest In Peace, Gil.” – Jeremy Sole (KCRW)

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